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Sellercraft Data & Analytics

Make data your business ally

Turn your data into actions and take your business to the next level with our powerful business analytics tool

Sales Report

Monitor important data such as sales volume, traffic and conversion rate for your best sellers

Inventory Report

Be aware of the stocks that are not selling and are costing you money in storing them

Ops Report

Zoom into orders that are unshipped or undelivered, risking negative customer reviews and delay in receiving the payments from the marketplaces

Financial Analysis

Easily access detailed sales & finance data that is uniformed across all of your stores from different platforms

Multichannel e-commerce made easy

Our multichannel management platform optimises inventory and order processing for SLA-compliant stock distribution and bulk processing

Catalogue Management

Streamlined listing boosts visibility across multiple marketplaces, making products available via various channels, thereby increasing sales opportunities faster

Order Management

Sync your orders in real time to meet All your SLAs with Sellercraft’s industry leading Order syncing technology

Inventory Control

Minimise overselling. Control, forecast and keep track of your e- commerce inventory with Sellercraft OMS inventory management feature

Affordable pricing

Get Sellercraft OMS at an affordable pricing with Zero limitation to any of the features

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Find the right plan for you


For small businesses exploring a new tool to manage orders, product listings and inventory all in one place.

Connect 3 store per channel

Up to 3 channels

Manage up to 3,000 orders per month


For established businesses looking to manage large-scale operations efficiently with bulk processing capabilities.

Connect 5 stores per channel

Up to 5 channels

Manage up to 10,000 orders per month


For large enterprises with intricate demands and dynamic needs that requires customisation.

Connect unlimited stores

Unlimited channels

Manage more than 10,000 orders per month

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It's hard to believe that my shop performance is improving after using Sellerwizard dashboard. It's nipped delay delivery issues, prevented disasters, and maintained our strong customer trust.




Excellent tool by Sellercraft. Their detailed cost breakdown, including platform fees, keeps us in the loop. Splendid job!


PW Enterprise


Selling on multiple platforms is smooth with Sellerwizard. Their dashboard's insights give us an edge. We effortlessly analyze sales and marketplace finances, making better selling decisions.


Business owner


Sellercraft streamlines our multi-channel e-commerce operations, saving us time and effort. Their inventory reports are a game-changer, and we highly recommend them.

Jay Yap Wee Kiat, OPS Excellence Lead Momentum Commerce

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