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Financial Benefits in Mega Sales Preparation

Sellercraft’s Solution for Accurate Order Management

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Data and Analytics: Operation (OPS) Report

Feature Spotlight:

Sellercraft’s Data and Analytics: Operational Report provides financial benefits with clear visibility on oversold orders and dollar value assessment.

  • Avoid Revenue Loss: By identifying oversold orders and assessing the dollar value at risk, sellers can prevent potential revenue loss due to unfulfilled orders or cancellations
  • Accurate Financial Planning: Sellers can make more accurate financial projections by understanding the potential financial impact of overselling. This helps in better inventory management and allocation of resources.
  • Cost Reduction: With clear visibility on oversold orders, sellers can optimize their inventory levels and avoid unnecessary stock purchases, thereby reducing costs associated with excess inventory
  • Enhanced Profitability: By minimizing overselling, sellers can fulfill customer orders promptly and maintain customer satisfaction, leading to repeat purchases, positive reviews, and increased profitability
  • Improved Cash Flow: Accurate assessment of the dollar value at risk helps sellers manage their cash flow effectively and allocate funds to fullfill orders and meet customer demand during the mega sales period

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Sellercraft, is a powerful application created by ex-Lazada and Shopee experts.

It will give you an overview of your online business, identifying the good parts and areas that need attention for improvement


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Stay profitable with clear oversold order visibility and risk assessment


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Naav is Sellercraft’s sales lead and leads the tele-sales team in Malaysia and the Philippines. He was an ex-Lazada analyst before joining Sellercraft in 2021.

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