Manage your entire

e-commerce business

on one intelligent dashboard.

From marketing to operations, gain multichannel end-to-end visibility and control over your business.
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Make data your business ally

Easy insights for success: Get clarity on your stores' performance. Turn your data into actions and take your business to the next level with our powerful business analytics tool

Stop problems in their tracks: Get alerts on issues as early as possible. With Sellercraft’s business intelligence, you'll be able to fix small problems before they grow

Stand out from the crowd: Catch useful and positive trends early to find in-demand products and boost your sales. Analyze product listing health for better offerings and seizing new opportunities

Run your operations like a pro with Operations Dashboard

Expert problem-solving abilities: Prevent delivery issues from becoming disasters with operations reporting. The dashboard helps you address problems proactively, preserving your reputation

Happy customers, loyal customers: Utilise the e-commerce order monitoring feature to ensure prompt deliveries, good reviews and customer satisfaction

Reduce returns and refunds: Identify delivery problems quickly with the marketplace parcel status to avoid extra spending on returns, redeliveries and missed payments

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Numbers that mean business with Finance Dashboard

Maximize your profits: See how costs and prices affect your profits through finance reporting. Use this knowledge to make your orders more profitable

Full visibility on all costs: See everything you're paying for altogether. From operational costs to platform fees, you'll have full control over your cash flow

Identify the best sales channels: Different channels sell different products more effectively. Compare multichannel marketplace finances to optimize your product placement for the best results

Find the right plan for you


For small businesses exploring a new tool to manage orders, product listings and inventory all in one place.

Connect 1 store per channel

Up to 3 channels

Manage up to 3,000 orders per month


For established businesses looking to manage large-scale operations efficiently with bulk processing capabilities.

Connect 3 stores per channel

Up to 5 channels

Manage up to 10,000 orders per month


For large enterprises with intricate demands and dynamic needs that requires customisation.

Connect unlimited stores

Unlimited channels

Manage more than 10,000 orders per month

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