In recent years, e-commerce has grown fast, even in Southeast Asia. New platforms are always emerging, providing opportunities for merchants to reach a larger audience. Temu (pronounced as Tee-Moo) is one such site that has recently gained popularity. What started as a promising company in the United States has now extended into the thriving markets […]

Amidst today's data-centric business environment, businesses grapple with a prominent obstacle: data silos. These silos represent discrete data clusters spread across multiple departments or systems, limiting complete understanding and informed decision-making. Data silos have a far-reaching impact, reducing operational performance, consumer engagement, and overall corporate growth.Understanding The Data SilosData silos are formed when information is […]

Southeast Asia (SEA) is a booming powerhouse of digital advancement and commerce, with the online marketplace sector rapidly expanding and evolving. This dynamic region is made up of 11 countries, with six of them leading the region economically: Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, the Philippines, and Vietnam. As we approach 2024, several major trends will shape […]

Businesses entering the ecommerce sector have a crucial decision: whether to take advantage of a digital marketplace such as Shopee, TikTok Shop, Lazada, or Zalora, or to invest in creating and managing their own exclusive website either from scratch or Shopify, and Woocommerce. Choosing where to sell things online has an enormous effect on a […]

Whether you're new to the online business world or have years of experience, having a clear understanding of your market position can give you significant advantages. In today's highly competitive e-commerce landscape, it is crucial to constantly optimize and strategically work to stay ahead of the game on platforms like Shopee and Lazada in order […]

At Sellercraft, we are committed to continuously refining our operations and monitoring our growth within the e-commerce sector. From Q1 2023 to Q1 2024, we've achieved substantial progress in several key areas. Here's an insight into this growth and its significance for our platform.Growth in Number of SKUs ManagedOver the past year, Sellercraft has significantly […]