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5 Sellercraft Pro Tips to Stop Losing Sales and Revenue with Stockout
We all can relate to the disappointment of wanting a product and not being able to find it in-store or online. Whether it’s a t-shirt or any other item, when it’s no longer available, it can be a frustrating experience. The inconvenience of going to another retailer can also be time-consuming and lead to settling […]
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Sellerwizard Hacks: 4 Steps To Eliminate Parcel Delivery Issues
Introduction Sellers, have you ever countered these problems especially when managing your e-commerce platform? The scenarios happened to Malaysian Sellers when they encountered the undelivered parcel issue and how it affects them. Is it possible to get rid of the Return & Refund (RR) request? There is no evidence or justification. How can I help […]
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Sellerwizard Tips #1: First Step to becoming an E-Commerce Tycoon
Welcome to Sellerwizard Tips, Your source to find out everything about e-commerce. Have you heard about the success stories of people making bank selling random things online and wondered to yourself at your 3am in your bed while scrolling TikTok “Hmm how to start selling on Lazada or Shopee?” Well you’ve come to the right […]
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Which category of products are in demand in SEA
In the first post in this series of articles on ecommerce in Southeast Asia, we revealed that hundreds of millions of people around the region already shop online, with the figure growing by 17 percent in the past 12 months alone. Estimates vary as to how much Southeast Asians spend online, but analysts all seem to agree that the […]
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A deep dive into the E-Commerce players in SEA
As we’ve seen in previous articles in this series, hundreds of millions of people across Southeast Asia already shop online, and the region’s ecommerce adoption rates are amongst the highest in the world. Southeast-Asian nations are experiencing rapid ecommerce growth, too. Data from Statista show that the value of online consumer goods purchases in Southeast Asia grew by […]

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