Southeast Asia (SEA) is a booming powerhouse of digital advancement and commerce, with the online marketplace sector rapidly expanding and evolving. This dynamic region is made up of 11 countries, with six of them leading the region economically: Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, the Philippines, and Vietnam. As we approach 2024, several major trends will shape […]

Have you heard about the Shopee Affiliate Programme, Lazada Affiliate Programme, TikTok Affiliate Programme, or Zalora Affiliate Programme? These top marketplaces are also capitalising on opportunities by adjusting to affiliate marketing trends. Simultaneously, they help sellers increase earnings by allowing marketplace users to become affiliates, increasing their visibility to their target consumers. But what is […]

Are you looking for ways to grow your income while also empowering your network's success? Look no further than Sellercraft's Affiliate Programme. With the potential to earn up to RM100 each referral, taking on this opportunity means easily connecting for success and boosting your earnings.Sellercraft, a trusted name in e-commerce solutions, provides a simple affiliate […]

Last week, Shopee has announced the recent update to the Preferred and Preferred+ Seller Programmes is not only about meeting the new performance criteria but also about using the right tools to make this journey smoother. Shopee is rolling out new performance criteria to enhance the experience for both sellers and buyers, ensuring a smoother […]

In the rapidly evolving e-commerce landscape, Malaysian sellers strive to optimize their business performance and stay ahead of the competition. With Sellercraft's cutting-edge features, including Clear Visibility on Oversold Orders and Assessing Dollar Value at Risk, sellers gain access to powerful business analytics and intelligence. Let's explore how these features empower Malaysian sellers to unlock […]

In the first post in this series of articles on ecommerce in Southeast Asia, we revealed that hundreds of millions of people around the region already shop online, with the figure growing by 17 percent in the past 12 months alone. Estimates vary as to how much Southeast Asians spend online, but analysts all seem to agree that the […]