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AGING STOCKREPORT The benefits of aging stock reports for your business Keep your stock stocked up. Quickly identify and eliminate underperforming stocks. Boost your store’s decision-making. Keep costs low.Sign Up NowWhat you get after signing up to SellerwizardHow SellerWizard help your business minimize the aging stocks? Sellerwizard automates inventory reports, saving you time and effort. View your aging inventory in the ‘inventory stuck in storage’ section. Stocks for the past 30 days are seen in the ‘inventory stuck in storage’ section.The best part is SellerWizard is a FREE tool! No Credit Card is required!Book a demo with our Sellercraft Expert TeamWe have…
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5 Effortless Sellerwizard Tips to Minimize Aging Stock
Stocking up is helpful, but not if that means never selling your products. In addition to taking up valuable warehouse space, aged inventory leads to increased costs as it sits for extended periods. You can take proactive measures to avoid aging stock wrecking your margins. Plus, following the correct processes can avoid the issue altogether. What does ‘aging stock’ mean? Aging stock, also known as aging inventory, refer to low-demand products that fail to sell or sell slowly. Unsold merchandise ties up working capital and incurs expensive carrying costs that erode profit margins. These items must be marked down to…

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