3 Compelling reasons to plan your mega campaign early

Decoding mega campaign success: Early planning is key

Starting a mega campaign like the Lazada and Shopee birthday sale, 10.10, 11.11, and end-of-year sales of e-commerce marketplaces is an exciting experience that requires thinking, analysis, and marketing. However, the key to a successful campaign is not only the challenge itself but also the thorough preparation that precedes it.

In this blog post, we'll look at the critical importance of early planning for large-scale campaigns, demonstrating why laying the groundwork ahead of time is a game changer.

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As a seller, launching a massive campaign is an exciting opportunity that offers higher visibility, increased engagement, and eventually, more purchases. But there are challenges in the way of success, particularly for those who don't realise how important planning beforehand is. Your sales efforts may not be as effective or have the same impact if you don't prepare in advance time. Let's explore the possible drawbacks of putting off major campaign preparation in the early stages.

The drawbacks of late planning for the mega campaigns

Inventory shortages and surpluses

Late planning can lead to inventory mismanagement, resulting in shortages of popular products or a surplus of slow-moving items. A comprehensive inventory analysis, performed early on, helps you strike an ideal balance, ensuring you meet demand without missing selling opportunities or experiencing overstocking or falling behind during critical campaign periods.

Picture this: There may be issues with your items for sale if you don't plan early for a huge sale. You might not have enough of what customers desire or too much of what doesn't sell. Early inventory checks ensure you have enough to sell without having too little or too much. It's like packing enough cookies for the party without letting them go stale before anyone can eat them!

Thus, the solution for this is to conduct early inventory analysis to understand demand patterns, discover popular products, and estimate sales trends. This proactive method allows you to change your inventory levels as needed, preventing shortages or surpluses.

However, if you have multiple marketplaces, it may be difficult to manually monitor the top 30 products across channels. Here's where Sellercraft comes in. You don't have to monitor manually; Sellercraft generates a report that shows you which products are performing well and which are underperforming during the last 30 days.

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Besides, you can also use inventory management software. Taking advantage of advanced inventory management software like Sellercraft OMS to make your multichannel e-commerce inventory easier to handle on one platform. These tools give you real-time information that helps you make smart choices about your stock levels, when to reorder, and what products to offer.

Operational congestion

Managing operations across several marketplaces requires an organized approach. Without proper planning, operational hurdles can arise, resulting in delays in order processing, fulfillment, and customer service. Proactive planning is critical for simplifying processes and ensuring a consistent customer experience throughout the campaign.

Implementing a centralised operations management approach is critical to simplifying fulfilment methods. The system manages bulk picklist and air waybill printing over multiple channels in an efficient way, decreasing workflow time and allowing for faster order processing. The streamlined technique improves overall optimisation by enabling the seamless integration of bulk picklist and air waybill printing. It greatly enhances the productivity of picking and packaging tasks, resulting in effective Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and contributing to a synchronised operational system.

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Sellercraft OMS simplifies multichannel order management by offering a smart platform for efficient operations. With features like as bulk picklist and air waybill printing, it speeds up order processing, assures efficient picking and packaging, and helps to satisfy SLAs. This all-in-one solution enables you to handle orders across numerous markets while saving time, minimising manual activities, and delivering long-term cost benefits.

Trend analysis and product Selection

Identifying popular items and adding them into your campaign is a smart move. Late planning may result in missing developing trends or misjudging the popularity of specific products. Early trend analysis allows sellers to match what they sell with market wants, ensuring that the campaign contains products that are appealing to the target demographic.

Effective trends analysis and product selection require planning. Sellers need data analytics solutions to analyse sales data, consumer behaviour, and market trends. These insights are crucial for making promotion decisions. Success also requires accurate demand forecasting. By using past data and market analysis to forecast demand, businesses can match inventory with demand. This proactive strategy eliminates shortages and overstocking and guarantees a well-balanced product assortment that satisfies target audience needs.

Sellercraft OMS solves this problem by providing omnichannel business data and analytics. The platform's business analytics tool lets you make informed decisions and grow your business by analysing shop performance. Sellercraft helps you stand out by identifying trends, finding popular products, and improving sales. To stay agile in a changing market, assess your product listings to improve offerings and grasp new opportunities.


When it comes to the success of large-scale campaigns, early planning is absolutely necessary. The risk of mismanagement of inventory, operational bottlenecks, and wrongly deciding trends is exponentially increased when planning is delayed. Providing proactive solutions for inventory analysis, enhanced processes, and trend recognition are some of the ways in which Sellercraft handles these concerns. Sellers that make preparations in advance and make use of such technology are in a better position to have a successful mega campaign. They are able to navigate complexity with ease and provide a perfect selling experience.

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