Sellercraft and Lazada Masterclass: Maximising your business growth with data strategies
Sellercraft and Lazada Masterclass
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On October 27th, 2023, we hosted an insightful masterclass event that brought together business owners and e-commerce enthusiasts seeking to enhance their online ventures. The event featured two notable names in the industry, Naavalan Vengadsalam (Sellercraft) and Wan Nor Farihin (Lazada). In this blog post, we'll recap the key takeaways and highlights from the event, providing you with valuable insights that can help boost your e-commerce business.

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Unlocking success secrets

The masterclass event began with a warm welcome to all attendees. The primary objective was to shed light on the latest e-commerce strategies in a straightforward and practical manner.

E-commerce Insights: Attendees were treated to an informative session about the evolving trends in e-commerce. The emphasis was on staying adaptable in a constantly changing landscape and seizing new opportunities as they arise.

Maximizing Your Potential with Lazada: A key focus of the event was on harnessing the power of Lazada, a leading e-commerce platform. The discussions revolved around optimizing product listings and delivering excellent customer experiences. The insights provided were practical and actionable, allowing attendees to start implementing them right away.

Streamlining Operations with Sellercraft: Sellercraft, a valuable tool for e-commerce businesses, was introduced to the audience. Attendees were guided on how to streamline their operations, manage inventory efficiently, and elevate customer service levels using this tool. The language was approachable, making it easy for attendees to grasp the concepts.

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Hands-on interactive session

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One of the unique aspects of this masterclass event was the hands-on interactive session. Attendees were encouraged to bring their laptops and actively participate in applying the knowledge they had gained.

In this practical segment, participants received personalized guidance from the experts. The language used was clear, ensuring that everyone could follow along and make the most of the interactive session.

Looking back

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With a limited number of seats available, attendees who had RSVP'd in advance were able to secure their spots. The atmosphere was friendly, and attendees were encouraged to ask questions, fostering a sense of collaboration and learning.


In the fast-paced world of e-commerce, staying updated and continually improving is the key to success. The Sellercraft and Lazada Masterclass Event provided attendees with the tools and knowledge needed to excel in the e-commerce landscape. The use of simple, professional language ensured that all participants could understand and apply the insights shared during the event.

We hope you found this recap valuable and look forward to the opportunity to host more events in the future. Thank you for your participation and for making this event a success.

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