Sourcing and procurement

Get connected to suppliers and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) in China for electronics, fashion, home, lifestyle and more through Ninja Direct

Top-notch negotiation skills

Count on us to secure good deals and better terms with suppliers, helping you spend less

Saves time and effort

Ninja Direct handles it all — finding suppliers, negotiating deals, and delivering to your warehouse. Less hassle, more simplicity

Less risk

Ninja Direct checks suppliers, confirms products, and safely brings your stock from China. It keeps your business safer

Sourcing & Procurement 2

Cross-border delivery

Get your orders quickly and at an affordable rate with our experienced in-house international delivery team.

Cross Border Delivery

Time-saving border solutions

Save time and effort by avoiding the need to cross multiple borders, making the logistics process more straightforward

No infrastructure hassles

Access local warehouses to store your products if you don't have your own storage facility, providing flexibility in managing inventory

Tax docs made easy

We handle tax paperwork to keep things hassle-free

Trade financing services

Need more sustainable cash flow? Leverage our flexible payment options with no hidden fees and no collateral!

Growing business made simple

Ninja Direct helps your business grow without tricky fees or needing valuable guarantees. It's easy to invest and make your business bigger with them.

Breathe easy with PayLater

Get 45, 60, or 90 days to pay, easing the burden of paying everything at once, especially when money is tight

Know what you are paying

Ninja Direct is transparent about costs, no hidden fees. Know what you're paying for easy budgeting and no surprises

Trade Financing

Manage all your operations across multiple marketplaces on one smart platform

Sellercraft OMS, your multichannel partner

Orders Management Copy

Multichannel e-commerce made easy

Grow your business without limits

Expand your business across channels, handling more platforms and orders without hiring more staff

Manage orders easier on one platform

Work smart, sell smart

Bulk picklist and air waybill printing speed up order processing and enable efficient picking and packing across channels to meet SLAs.

Inventory management mastery made easy

Happy customers, strong reputation Automatically sync inventory to ensure accurate stock levels and a seamless shopping experience for your customers

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We are thrilled to announce a groundbreaking partnership collaboration between two industry leaders, Ninja Direct and Sellercraft.

This strategic alliance is bringing together the unique strengths and expertise of both organizations to deliver unparalleled value to our customers and stakeholders.

As a leading 3rd Party Logistics (3PL) provider in SEA with 100% coverage, Ninja Direct saves you time and money from start to end.