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Sellercraft enables effortless tracking and analysis of crucial data, empowering e-commerce sellers to make data-driven decisions and optimize business performance.

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Automated Data Tracking

Sellercraft automates the process of monitoring important data related to sales volume, website traffic, and conversion rates.



Sellers can obtain accurate and real-time insights into the performance of their best-selling products.

Eliminates Manual Work

The need for manual data analysis is eliminated, saving time and effort for e-commerce sellers.

Optimization Opportunities

The data insights provided by Sellercraft help sellers identify areas for improvement and optimization in their business.

Enhanced Decision Making

Sellers can make informed decisions based on the accurate data insights, leading to better business strategies and outcomes.

Discover how we can assist your business beyond the Data Monitoring feature

Sellercraft, is a powerful application created by ex-Lazada and Shopee experts.

It will give you an overview of your online business, identifying the good parts and areas that need attention for improvement

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Sales Analytics

Spotlight Problem


Highlight Poor

Performing SKUs



Identify Key Area

of Improvement

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Naav is Sellercraft's sales lead and leads the tele-sales team in Malaysia and the Philippines. He was an ex-Lazada analyst before joining Sellercraft in 2021.

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