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Sellercraft's commitment to your multichannel e-commerce success

Automated inventory control

In the e-commerce world, stock loss can be a significant headache. Sellercraft's inventory management features help you track stock levels, prevent stockouts, and reduce waste.

SLA compliance

Nothing can be more detrimental to your business than breaching SLAs and disappointing your customers. Sellercraft's order management system automates order fulfillment and tracks SLA performance.

Training sessions

Free training sessions to help you get the most out of the platform.

Outstanding support

Experience a smooth onboarding process with our welcoming support team.

Without Sellercraft OMS:

Seller without Sellercraft

Risks of overselling

Without Sellercraft OMS, you're at risk of overselling as you try to distribute your stock across various marketplaces. This can lead to customer dissatisfaction and potential stock loss.

Slow fulfilment, slower earnings

Order processing can be time-consuming and inefficient. Manual tasks, like picking and packing, may result in missed SLAs and, ultimately, lower revenue.

Cost reduction challenges

Streamlining manual tasks and minimising errors across different platforms can be a real challenge without the right tool. You could be missing out on substantial labor cost savings, not to mention the potential for stock loss.

When using Sellercraft OMS:

Seller happy when using Sellercraft OMS

Sell smart, not hard

Sellercraft OMS simplifies multichannel inventory management, ensuring you distribute stock across marketplaces without overselling. Say goodbye to stock loss and hello to customer satisfaction.

Fast fulfilment, faster earnings

With features like bulk pick-list and airway bill printing, order processing becomes a breeze. You'll achieve efficient picking and packing across channels, meeting SLAs and boosting your revenue.

Cost reduction made easy

Sellercraft OMS streamlines manual tasks and minimises errors, all on one platform. This not only saves you labor costs but also helps you avoid stock loss and achieve long-term cost savings.


the average increase in users' order growth over 30 days


of sellers who maximize Sellercraft's multichannel feature by connecting 3 or more shops

2 million

of products that Sellercraft syncs daily. 50,000 of SKUs managed by some sellers

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It's hard to believe that my shop performance is improving after using Sellerwizard dashboard. It's nipped delay delivery issues, prevented disasters, and maintained our strong customer trust.




Excellent tool by Sellercraft. Their detailed cost breakdown, including platform fees, keeps us in the loop. Splendid job!


PW Enterprise


Selling on multiple platforms is smooth with Sellerwizard. Their dashboard's insights give us an edge. We effortlessly analyze sales and marketplace finances, making better selling decisions.


Business owner


Sellercraft streamlines our multi-channel e-commerce operations, saving us time and effort. Their inventory reports are a game-changer, and we highly recommend them.

Jay Yap Wee Kiat, OPS Excellence Lead Momentum Commerce

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