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Multichannel made easy. Sell on Shopee, Lazada, TikTok Shop, and many more on one platform.

Sellercraft OMS, your e-commerce growth partner

After using Sellercraft, almost 20% of users experience more than 20% growth in orders, contributing to an average order growth of 130% within 30 days

Sell everywhere, earn more: Gain more exposure to potential customers and capture sales from different market segments and regions, thereby boosting your revenue across multiple marketplaces on one platform

Sell more efficiently, not harder: Save time and effort by streamlining the process of managing multiple sales channels. With a single platform, you can access all of your orders and inventory in one place

Cost reduction made easy: Minimize errors and streamline manual tasks one platform to save labor costs, avoid overstocking and stockouts, and achieve long-term cost savings

Master multichannel selling from OMS to Data & Analytics

15% of sellers truly take advantage of the multichannel feature on Sellercraft by connecting 3 or more shops. Our most connected seller has more than 10 shops connected.

Grow your business without limits: Scale your multichannel businesses and accommodate more platforms and orders as needed, without requiring a significant increase in administrative overhead

Stay ahead of the curve: Reducing discrepancies and enhancing your online sales operations, it streamlines multichannel management by delivering consistent, up-to-date product data, prices, and inventory across platforms

No more multichannel nightmares: Early alerts empower proactive issue resolution across multiple channels, reducing customer dissatisfaction, negative reviews, and disputes, safeguarding your multichannel reputation

Inventory mastery made easy

Sellercraft works hard to sync over the stocks of 2 million products every single day. Our sellers on average have more than 1,000 SKUs with some having more than 50,000 SKUs

Maximise efficiency, minimise hassles: Eliminate administrative overhead, allocate your resources more effectively, and effortlessly focus on growing your business

A full stock equals happy customers: Avoid overselling by automatically synchronising inventory levels across all sales channels. Make your customers happy by never selling more than you have in stock.

Less holding, more profiting: Reduce the expenses linked to maintaining surplus inventory quicker by swiftly replenishing trending products while decreasing stock levels for less popular items

Over 5,000 business sellers trust us – find out why!

Start your smart business with Sellercraft

Start your smart business with Sellercraft. Drive your e-commerce business with data and analytics through our intelligent dashboards.

It’s hard to believe that my shop performance is improving after using Sellerwizard dashboard. It’s nipped delay delivery issues, prevented disasters, and maintained our strong customer trust.



Excellent tool by Sellercraft. Their detailed cost breakdown, including platform fees, keeps us in the loop. Splendid job!


PW Enterprise

Selling on multiple platforms is smooth with Sellerwizard. Their dashboard’s insights give us an edge. We effortlessly analyze sales and marketplace finances, making better selling decisions.


Business owner