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Simplify your multichannel e-commerce operations with Sellercraft OMS to grow your business and keep your customers happy

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Users achieve 130% growth on average 30 days after using Sellercraft

More than 2 million products and stock information are automatically managed by Sellercraft daily

More than 5000 users have chosen Sellercraft as their multichannel solution

Manage your entire e-commerce marketplaces on one platform

Multichannel e-commerce made easy

Grow your business without limits

Expand your business across channels, handling more platforms and orders without hiring more staff

Accurate data, success guaranteed

Ensure accurate and up-to-date product data, prices, and inventory across platforms to improve online sales and reduce errors

Get visibility

Prevent problems, get ahead, and protect your reputation with early alerts to fix issues quickly across channels.

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Manage all your orders across multiple marketplaces on one smart platform

Sellercraft OMS, your multichannel partner

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Work smart, sell smart

Save time and simplify your inventory with our multichannel management tool. Distribute stock across marketplaces seamlessly, ensuring that you never lose opportunities to sell.

Fast fulfilment, happy customers

Bulk picklist and air waybill printing speed up order processing and enable efficient picking and packing across channels to meet SLAs.

Cost reduction made easy

Streamline manual tasks and minimise errors when you use one platform- save on labor costs, avoid stock loss, and achieve long-term cost savings.

Inventory management mastery made easy

Seamless multichannel inventory management

Happy customers, strong reputation

Automatically sync inventory to ensure accurate stock levels and a seamless shopping experience for your customers

Less holding, more profiting

Maximise profits by efficiently restocking popular items and managing inventory levels for less popular ones

Master inventory, master market

Gain a competitive edge with efficient multichannel inventory management, enabling fast reactions to market changes and sales strength

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It's hard to believe that my shop performance is improving after using Sellerwizard dashboard. It's nipped delay delivery issues, prevented disasters, and maintained our strong customer trust.




Excellent tool by Sellercraft. Their detailed cost breakdown, including platform fees, keeps us in the loop. Splendid job!


PW Enterprise


Selling on multiple platforms is smooth with Sellerwizard. Their dashboard's insights give us an edge. We effortlessly analyze sales and marketplace finances, making better selling decisions.


Business owner


Sellercraft streamlines our multi-channel e-commerce operations, saving us time and effort. Their inventory reports are a game-changer, and we highly recommend them.

Jay Yap Wee Kiat,

Momentum commerce