Sellerwizard Hacks: 4 Steps To Eliminate Parcel Delivery Issues


Sellers, have you ever countered these problems especially when managing your e-commerce platform?

  1. Customers scold you because of undelivered, delayed, and missing parcels even though it is not your fault. 
  2. Your business score drops because of negative feedback tied to problems with your delivery provider.

The scenarios happened to Malaysian Sellers when they encountered the undelivered parcel issue and how it affects them.

Is it possible to get rid of the Return & Refund (RR) request? There is no evidence or justification. How can I help this customer? Too bad it’s been 3 weeks. He wants to make a new order but afraid if the previous parcel arrived.” – Seller 1

“The parcel is missing at the hub..not moving… It hasn’t moved since 5/12…” – Seller 2

“Hi.. let me ask you a question.. I have a lot of customers who don’t get the latest updates of their parcels. These parcels was posted during the election day & customers have already received compensations from Sh***e. However, we are as sellers who are losing a lot, can we get a refund or not? Does anyone has a case like mine?” – Seller 3

Timely delivery of the order to the customer is essential for a retailer’s success. However, facing these problematic parcels can create various problems for your business. When any inaccuracies, delays, or undelivered, these will affect your business reputation, especially customer satisfaction, brand image, and bottom lines.

Let's take a look which to Sellerwizard tips of how to eliminate parcel delivery issues.

Steps to address the parcel delivery issues

Step 1: Monitor the status of the parcels

Keep monitoring the status of the parcels, making sure it changes from packed to ship. Even after a package has been collected, there may be issues during transportation that can make it untraceable, delayed, or even result in the parcel getting lost unless you are lucky. The day after handing the packages to the courier, you need to check the parcels' status. If there are delays, it will become more difficult to trace the parcel later

Step 2: Verify the package status

Verify that packages sent out have arrived promptly. Delayed deliveries increase the likelihood of problems arising. It is critical for sellers to proactively communicate with their shipping partners to resolve the cause of any delays. Timely escalation of any issues improves the chances of resolving them successfully.

Step 3: Inform your customers

Proactively inform your customers of any delivery concerns before they inquire about them. This action shows exceptional customer service and creates a positive impression. Besides, it will make the customers feel special. Additionally, if any issues arise, they will know that you are composing a genuine effort to keep them satisfied with your service.

Phew, all these seems like a lot to do especially for a busy seller with stores on multiple platforms. How do you keep up with all the parcels and updates? Let Sellerwizard help you with this. Our Order Health Dashboard gives you a quick view if there are any problematic orders that need your attention.

Step 4: Use Sellerwizard Free Tool

Introduction to Sellerwizard tool, Order Health Dashboard and OPS Report

Running an e-commerce business can be tough, especially when you’re dealing with undelivered or delayed parcels. But with Sellerwizard, you don’t have to struggle alone. Good thing that Sellerwizard can help to do the steps above in an easy way.

Order Health Status Dashboard

OPS Report Dashboard - Here you can see the Orders Delivery Pending for Health and Problematic Parcels. For the problematic parcel status, you will see how much you have order value at risk and how many days that the parcel in delay process.

Order health status provides clear visibility into the status of all your parcels, so you can proactively address any issues before they become a problem. With just one glance at the Sellerwizard summary page, you’ll know exactly which parcels need attention, and can contact the courier before your customers even know there’s an issue.

At the OPS Report Dashboard, you can select to see Healthy and Problematic status. For the problematic parcel status, you can see how much you have order value at risk and how many days that the parcel in delay process. By this, you can proactively inform your customers of any delivery concerns before they ask about them. This action shows exceptional customer service, creates a positive impression and makes them feel valued. It also shows that you are making a genuine effort to keep them satisfied with your service. You can also stop negative feedback and customer complaints with Sellerwizard. 

Not only for your business benefits, but you will never again waste time monitoring your customers' parcels with Sellerwizard. Now, you can eliminate these issues with this powerful application created by ex-Lazada / Shopee experts.

With this intelligent tool, your business performance will surely improve. When the business performance is in the best state, more customers are attracted, and it is likely to result in gaining sales. More sales mean more revenue and a better bottom line. You, as a business owner, will be happier and at peace.

You can connect your stores (ShopeeLazadaTiktok Shop, Zalora, Shopify, and more). You can monitor the order health status of your marketplace platforms with just one tool. Easy right? This tool is available in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia and Philippines.

Stop squandering your resources and effort by tracking them manually when you have a powerful and free tool here!

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Sellerwizard is a tool that helps e-commerce businesses minimize these issues by providing clear visibility into the status of all parcels and proactively addressing any issues before they become a problem. The tool is available in several Southeast Asian countries and is free to use, and helps e-commerce businesses to monitor the order health status across multiple marketplaces.

The best thing is this tool is free. No joke! Try Sellerwizard today and take control of your parcel delivery issues. Sign up for Sellerwizard for free. 

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