Sellerwizard Tips #1: First Step to becoming an E-Commerce Tycoon
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Have you heard about the success stories of people making bank selling random things online and wondered to yourself at your 3am in your bed while scrolling TikTok "Hmm how to start selling on Lazada or Shopee?" Well you've come to the right place.

Did you know starting a business online is Free? Yes It's Free! Here's how it works.

Step #1 Know your Marketplaces

In Malaysia, there's several marketplaces you can start your online business. Here's the Top 4 Marketplace you should know about;

  1. Lazada Malaysia (All Categories)
  2. Shopee Malaysia (All Categories)
  3. Zalora Malaysia (Fashion & Lifestyle)
  4. TikTok Shop (All Categories) - Yes TikTok the same app where you watch dance videos and cats!

All 4 of the marketplace above are easy to join, all you need to do is self sign up a seller account. Let me show you how.

Step #2 Create a Seller Account

As an example, let me walk you through on creating seller account in Lazada

  1. Go to
  2. On top of the search bar you will find a button that reads "Sell on Lazada" click it

Once you have clicked on the Sell on Lazada button it will redirect you to the self sign up page where you can self sign up an account. Follow the steps on the page, and you're good to go.

The process to create an account. on Shopee, Zalora and TikTok is also very similar, Below I have compiled the links for you to create your accounts:

  1. Lazada Seller Center
  2. Shopee Seller Center
  3. Zalora Seller Center
  4. TikTok Shop Seller Center

Step #3 List Products and Start Selling

Once you have created your seller accounts, each platform will require to create products for you to sell. If you already have a source of inventory or products ready to sell, list them. To do that, you have to take pictures of your product and list it on the marketplaces through product creation.

Sellerwizard Pro tip

In e-commerce it is highly recommended to be present in ALL marketplaces, cause customers follow the marketplaces. There are some customers who only buy from shopee and some only buy from Lazada, so as a seller you have to remain present on all the platforms. So make sure to create account on all available marketplaces.

Once you have created your shops, you should consider getting Sellercraft OMS a Order Management System, Sellercraft OMS will help you synchronise your stores from multiple marketplaces so you can manage all your stores from one platforms.

As a good, safe & reliable system Sellercraft OMS will help you :

  • Manage Orders from Lazada, Shopee, TikTok Shop in bulk.
  • Create & Edit Product listing for Lazada Shopee & TikTok Shop.
  • Manage and sync your stock count for your SKUs
  • Provide you insights on your E-commerce business.
  • Track and monitor your competition.

Check out Sellercraft OMS here.

In our upcoming posts, we will share with you more on how you can setup your store, best practices when creating listings, managing orders, inventory control, finance reports and pricing strategies.

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Happy Selling!

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