IntroductionEffective inventory management is absolutely essential in the world of retail and e-commerce. It plays a vital role in ensuring smooth operations and keeping customers satisfied. At the core of this process lies an important tool: the Stock Keeping Unit, widely recognised as SKU. This blog post will explore the concept of an SKU, how […]

In the constantly evolving environment of e-commerce, one challenge stands out as a potential issue for sellers: managing accurate and synchronised inventory levels across multiple channels. When you are managing several marketplaces (Shopee, Lazada, TikTok Shop, Zalora and more), this hurdle can lead to significant disadvantages.  Inventory synchronisation is the process of ensuring that a product's […]

Stocking up is helpful, but not if that means never selling your products. In addition to taking up valuable warehouse space, aged inventory leads to increased costs as it sits for extended periods. You can take proactive measures to avoid aging stock wrecking your margins. Plus, following the correct processes can avoid the issue altogether. […]