Business Reputation

A retailer's success depends on delivering the right product to the right customer on time and in good condition. Inaccuracies, delays, or missed deliveries during the last mile negatively impact customer satisfaction and business image. What does an unshipped parcel mean? The term 'unshipped parcel' usually refers to a package that has yet to be delivered or […]

What is stockout?What causes stockout?Negative effects because of stockout5 Tips to Prevent Losing Sales and Revenue Because of StockoutUnderstanding DemandConfiguring stock alertEnhance safety stockSet up a recheck systemUse Sellercraft - Smarter Tools to Improve Your Sales & Place You Ahead of Your CompetitionHow Sellercraft helps improve your e-commerce business reputation:Conclusion We all can relate to […]

Introduction Sellers, have you ever countered these problems especially when managing your e-commerce platform? The scenarios happened to Malaysian Sellers when they encountered the undelivered parcel issue and how it affects them. Is it possible to get rid of the Return & Refund (RR) request? There is no evidence or justification. How can I help […]