Top 4 Strategies for Declining Sales on Lazada and Shopee: Insights and Solutions

Top 4 Strategies For Declining Sales On Lazada And Shopee Insights And Solutions

Whether you're new to the online business world or have years of experience, having a clear understanding of your market position can give you significant advantages. In today's highly competitive e-commerce landscape, it is crucial to constantly optimize and strategically work to stay ahead of the game on platforms like Shopee and Lazada in order to maintain strong sales.

However, sometimes, dropping sales can occur in both marketplaces. For example, if you have already reduced your product prices but still notice a decline in your sales figures. This is where you should take action. Let's examine the aftermath of dropping sales on Lazada and Shopee for your business, as well as proven methods to improve your performance.

How Does Dropping Sales on Lazada and Shopee Affect Your Business?

Experiencing a decrease in sales on e-commerce platforms like Lazada and Shopee can have major consequences for your business. In addition to the immediate impact on revenue, declining sales can have an ongoing effect that impacts different areas of your operations and overall business well-being. Understanding the importance of these consequences is crucial in formulating successful strategies to tackle and overcome sales obstacles.

Revenue Loss: Lower sales directly translate to reduced income, affecting your cash flow and financial stability.

Decreased Profit Margins: Reduced sales make it harder to cover fixed costs, potentially leading to decreased profit margins.

Reduced Market Visibility: Algorithms may prioritize sellers with higher sales volumes, pushing your products down in search results and reducing visibility.

Loss of Customer Confidence: Consistent drops in sales may erode customer confidence in your products or services, impacting brand reputation.

Increased Inventory Holding Costs: Slower sales can result in unsold inventory, tying up capital and leading to higher holding costs.

Inability to Scale or Expand: Limited sales growth hinders your ability to invest in new products, markets, or business expansion.

Competitive Disadvantage: Competitors with stable or growing sales may gain a competitive edge, further impacting your market share.

Strain on Marketing Efforts: Increased marketing spending may be necessary to boost sales, straining your budget without guaranteed returns.

Long-Term Business Viability: Sustained drops in sales threaten the overall viability of your business, making it difficult to sustain operations.

By understanding these consequences and taking decisive action, businesses may traverse hard periods and position themselves for sustainable growth and success in the competitive e-commerce landscape.

Understanding The Primary Cause of Dropping Sales in Lazada and Shopee

According to Cikgu Anna Aziz, a certified HRDC and E-commerce Trainer, who is also a Lazada Ambassador and the founder of Anna Aziz Consultant Group, the primary reason behind the decline in sales on Lazada and Shopee is the insufficient optimization of product keywords in the titles and descriptions, along with the quality of product pictures.

Discover the effective strategies by Cikgu Anna Aziz to enhance your online presence and increase sales on popular e-commerce platforms such as Shopee and Lazada.

Differentiate Your Brand

Highlight how you are different from other competitors by optimizing your product keywords in the titles and descriptions, along with the quality of product pictures

Improve Product Title Keywords

Optimize the keywords for your products with dropping sales by monitoring and analyzing those SKUs week by week, as consumers may not use the same keywords consistently. Research and study trending keywords for your products by comparing them with those of your competitors. Monitoring dropping sales week by week can be hectic, especially if you have thousands of SKUs; this is where Sellercraft Data & Analytics Dropping Sales Insights can help you. Take advantage of this tool and get your dropping sales data at one glance.

Leveraging SEO Tactics in Product Descriptions

Additionally, aside from optimizing product title keywords, improving product descriptions is also crucial. Take action to enhance your visibility on these platforms by leveraging SEO tactics. Use relevant keywords in descriptions and tags, and regularly update listings to align with current search trends. Businesses should also encourage customer reviews and feedback to boost organic search rankings.

Updating your improved product descriptions for over hundreds SKUs can be daunting, especially when dealing with multiple marketplaces. With Sellercraft’s Product Listing feature, sellers can update their listings across marketplaces more quickly, ensuring consistency in product description and enhancing visibility across multiple marketplaces.

The Importance of First Impressions of Product Image

Uploading attractive, high-quality product images especially the first image. The first product image is the initial point of contact with potential buyers. A compelling image that stands out can grab attention and draw shoppers into exploring your listing further. Besides, high-quality images convey professionalism and build trust. When customers see clear and appealing visuals, they are more likely to perceive your product positively and consider making a purchase. Ultimately, appealing product images contribute to higher conversion rates. When customers are impressed by what they see, they are more inclined to add the item to their cart and complete the purchase.


To summarize, monitoring and resolving declining sales on e-commerce platforms such as Lazada and Shopee is critical for maintaining a successful online business. The consequences of decreasing sales go beyond immediate income loss; they affect various aspects of corporate operations and long-term profitability.

Dropping sales have a number of effects, including decreased profitability and market visibility, significant damage to brand reputation, and limited possibilities for growth. Businesses may rejuvenate their online presence and drive sales growth even in highly competitive e-commerce landscapes by implementing effective strategies such as optimizing product keywords, improving product descriptions, and improving product imagery—proven methods advocated by experts such as Cikgu Anna Aziz.

By proactively addressing the root causes of dropping sales and implementing these actionable tactics, businesses can position themselves for sustained growth and success in the dynamic world of e-commerce. Ultimately, strategic adaptation and optimization are pivotal for navigating challenges and fostering resilience in an ever-evolving digital marketplace.