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Sellercraft offers a powerful cloud-based OMS solution designed to optimise your online business. Take control of your inventory, orders, and sales with ease.

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Discover Sellercraft's Key Features

Inventory Control

Stay on top of your stock levels across all channels

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Order Management

Efficiently process orders from multiple marketplaces

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Catalogue Management

Organise and update your product listings effortlessly

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Reports & Dashboards

Access valuable insights to make data-driven decisions.

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Multichannel inventory management made easier

Less holding, more profiting

Maximise profits by efficiently restocking popular items and managing inventory levels for less popular ones

Zero mistakes, boosts business growth

Efficiently manage multichannel inventory for competitive advantage, ensuring accurate stock levels and seamless shopping, enabling swift reactions to market shifts, thus bolstering sales

Centralize orders, magnify success

Fast fulfilment, happy customers

Bulk picklist and air waybill printing speed up order processing and enable efficient picking and packing across channels to meet SLAs

Cut costs, boost efficiency

Streamline manual tasks and minimise errors when you use one platform. Save on labor costs, avoid stock loss, and achieve long-term cost savings

Sellercraft Oms
Sellercraft Product Management

Update product across marketplaces faster

Speedy update, boost sales

Streamlined listing boosts visibility across multiple marketplaces, making products available via various channels, thereby increasing sales opportunities faster

Stay consistent, build trust

Consistent product info in all markets builds trust, prevents confusion. Maintain titles, descriptions, prices, and inventory for clarity

Seize opportunities with insightful analytics

Easy insights for success

Get clarity on your stores' performance. Turn your data into actions and take your business to the next level with our powerful business analytics tool

Stand out from the crowd

Catch useful and positive trends early to find in-demand products and boost your sales. Analyze product listing health for better offerings and seizing new opportunities

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Success Stories: Numbers speak louder

From chaos to control: Sellercraft transformed a 500 SKUs nightmare into smooth operations

Mr. F, a solo entrepreneur

Meet Mr. F, a solo entrepreneur managing a whopping 500 SKUs across multiple platforms like Lazada, Shopee, and TikTokShop. With each product boasting 30 variations, he was drowning in a sea of inventory complexity

Multichannel Sellers 1

The challenges of managing a whopping 500 SKUs across multiple platforms

500 SKU Overload

Managing 500 different product lines is no easy task, especially when each has 30 variations

Duplicate Listings Pose Allocation Challenges

Mr. F's inventory was crowded with duplicate listings featuring identical products but with different product descriptions and images. This made it difficult for him to allocate the inventories of the same product.

Messy stock updates

Inventory management became a problem as stock was randomly updated across platforms

Solo Operation

Mr. F ran his business alone, worried about scaling without adding staff, which would raise operational costs. The average salary per employee was RM2,000, highlighting the financial impact of the business

How Sellercraft transformed Mr. F's business by reducing manpower costs and hiring.

Centralized inventory control

Thanks to Sellercraft's user-friendly interface, Mr. F was able to consolidate his 500 SKUs into a single, simple inventory hub

Listing management mastery

Sellercraft expertly linked over 700 listings across different platforms to their inventory items, reducing duplications and assuring correctness

Simple forecasting

Mr. F used accurate inventory data to accurately estimate demand, lowering stock updates from daily to bi-weekly

Efficient solo scaling

Despite initial concerns about scaling, Sellercraft allowed Mr. F to run his business smoothly with just one person, avoiding the need for additional workers. He saves RM19,344 per year after using Sellercraft

Experience the Sellercraft Difference

Sellercraft Team

At Sellercraft, we believe in personalised support from day one. Our dedicated team provides tailored onboarding sessions to ensure you maximise the benefits of our platform. By equipping you with the knowledge to fully utilise Sellercraft, we help boost your business operations efficiency, increase sales, and drive revenue growth.

Hear From Our Happy Customers


It's hard to believe that my shop performance is improving after using Sellerwizard dashboard. It's nipped delay delivery issues, prevented disasters, and maintained our strong customer trust.




Excellent tool by Sellercraft. Their detailed cost breakdown, including platform fees, keeps us in the loop. Splendid job!


PW Enterprise


Selling on multiple platforms is smooth with Sellerwizard. Their dashboard's insights give us an edge. We effortlessly analyze sales and marketplace finances, making better selling decisions.


Business owner


Sellercraft streamlines our multi-channel e-commerce operations, saving us time and effort. Their inventory reports are a game-changer, and we highly recommend them.

Jay Yap Wee Kiat,

Momentum commerce

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