Tips: How to Prepare for This Year’s Lazada and Shopee Ramadan Campaign

Are you prepared for the Ramadan sale campaign with Lazada and Shopee 2024? This yearly promotion offers sellers an excellent opportunity to increase their sales while achieving maximum visibility.

The countdown has begun for both marketplaces, and you don't want to miss out! Here are the main details you should know:

Lazada (PayDay Jualan Ramadan Fantastik)

Payday Jualan Ramadan Fantastik 1

Nomination period: Until 24 February 2024

Campaign period: 25-27 February 2024

Shopee (Ramadan Bersama Shopee 2024)

Ramadan Bersama Shopee 2024

Nomination Periods: There are two nomination periods:

Nomination Checkpoint 1: From 16th January 2024 (6.00 pm) to 11th February 2024 (11.59 pm).

Nomination Checkpoint 2: From 16th January 2024 (6.00 pm) to 25th February 2024 (11.59 pm).

Review Periods: Following the nomination periods, there will be review periods to ensure fair selection.

Feature Period: Approved nominated products will be featured from 20th February 2024 (12.00 am) to 18th March 2024 (11.59 pm).

To help you make the most of this special occasion, we've put together a detailed guide that includes insights into how Sellercraft can be your ultimate success partner.

4 Tips for Success Ramadan Campaign This Year:

Study last year Ramadan’s sale campaign

Analyze last year's Ramadan campaign data to discover information on sales success, customer behavior, and marketing effectiveness.

Strategic order management

Be ready to handle higher order volumes efficiently. Use automated order processing tools and special offers to successfully manage demand peaks.

Estimating demand

Accurately estimating demand can help you manage your inventory levels. Prioritize replenishment of high-demand items and provide new Ramadan-themed items to attract customers.

Operational efficiency

Track order processing times, fulfillment accuracy, and logistics costs to discover opportunities for improvement. Maximize efficiency in operations to increase customer satisfaction while lowering costs.

How Sellercraft can help you to grab opportunities to boost your earning during Ramadan campaigns?

Sellercraft OMS Inventory
Accurate data management

Ensuring that sellers' product data, prices, and inventories are accurate across all platforms is one of the most important factors in e-commerce. The headaches that come with manually entering and synchronizing data can be put to rest with the help of Sellercraft. Through this smart tool, sellers will increase their customers' trust, boost sales success, and reduce expenses associated with errors if they maintain accuracy.

Order management

In a short amount of time, managing orders across various marketplaces can become extremely burdensome. Unifying all of the orders into a single platform is one of the ways that Sellercraft makes this process more straightforward. With Sellercraft, e-commerce sellers can effectively handle orders, and track shipments all from one centralized platform. This means they can say goodbye to the hassle of managing various dashboards and platforms. Maintaining customer's satisfaction and ensuring that them receive their orders in a timely manner will allow you to keep them coming back for more.

Inventory management

Efficient inventory management is essential for increasing profitability and staying ahead of the competition. Sellercraft allows you to seamlessly sync your inventory across all channels, making sure that you never oversell or run out of stock. Our smart features provide real-time inventory analytics, allowing you to make informed decisions and optimize your stock levels as needed. By reducing stockouts and surplus inventory, you will save money and gain a competitive advantage in the market.


In conclusion, as Ramadan Bersama Shopee 2024 approaches, sellers must take advantage of this opportunity to increase sales and visibility. With clear nomination dates and a well-defined feature period, sellers can strategically plan their participation in this campaign.

We've created a detailed guide to help you manage this important occasion, offering valuable insights into how to maximize your success with Sellercraft. You may optimise your performance and capitalise on increased demand during Ramadan by analysing past campaign data and employing strategic order and inventory management strategies.

Sellercraft helps sellers to simplify their multichannel e-commerce operations. From reliable data management to efficient order and inventory management, Sellercraft enables you to increase client confidence, increase sales, and decrease errors and costs.

Thus, as you prepare for Ramadan Bersama Shopee 2024, empower yourself with the necessary skills and techniques before embarking on this trip to e-commerce success. With Sellercraft by your side, you'll be able to prosper in this vibrant market.

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